We are making different strategies for our clients. It is concerned with client's major resource issues like raising the finance to build new outlets and expand their business on a large scale, as it concerned with the scope of business activities i.e.what and where they produce.

We are also organising different activities of clients. 

Strategy & Organisation



Corporate development refers to the planning and execution of a wide range of strategies to meet specific organisational objective, therefore we study clients organisation then we make plans according to their needs and also execute them.

Corporate Development



Corporate finance is source of funding, capital structure of organisation and actions to increase the value of organisation. Therefore we are making possible for our clients to increase  financial value of their organisation through our financial strategic techniques.

Corporate Finance
Business Coaching

We also provide business coaching as it helps to manage directors, business owners and senior executives. It also helps to set better goals, reach the goals faster, make better decisions and improve relationships.With the help of our coaching our clients improve their company's reputation, maximise their profits and expend their business. 

Computer Hardware




Sustanibility or business sustainability, also known as corporate sustainability, is the management and coordination of environmental, social and financial demands and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success.


In a broader context; we basically work on the clients social, environmental and economic demands, which are considered as the three pillars of sustainability.


Within the corporate world, they are sometimes referred to as thetriple bottom line. The concept is a departure from the traditional concept of the bottom line, which evaluates all efforts in terms of their short-term effect on profits.



Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy.


we also do the strategic plannings for our clients. Like the client provides the targets of their company  and then we set goalsfor that targets,we determines the actions to achieve that goals and mobilizing resources to executes the actions. 

Strategic Planning
Network Installation

We will advise on an IT network strategy that is right for the clients now and expandable for the future. we will  supply and install all hardware and software components for client computer network installation or IT network upgrade and project manage its implementation without any unplanned loss of IT services.


Computer Software Fixes

We provide all types of hardware repairs solutions for desktop and laptop computers. Computer hardware repairs include:


  • Laptop screen failures  

  • DVD and CD drive failure Ram failure

  • Hard-drive failures

  • CPU fault or failure

  • Keyboard faults

  • Computer running slow

  • Cooling fan failures

  • Laptop overheating

  • Data backup devices failure

  • Network failure  issues

We will connect remotely to quickly fix software problems, or visit site to carry out network, desktop and laptop computer software repairs and fixes. Computer software repairs include:


  • Computer reformatting

  • Removal of virus and software infections

  • Hard-drive full

  • Software upgrades

  • Computer will not boot-up

  • Computer running slow

  • Software driver faulty

  • Recovery of files or data

  • Repair of Network and data backup devices

IT Services

We provide various IT services to the client  

  • Maintain, repair and upgrade existing workstations and servers

  • Move, setup and maintain printers purchased by Client as approved by Client

  • Research and recommend hardware and software to be purchased by Client

  • Install,configure, uninstall and remove software purchased by Client

  • Install and maintain Virus Protection and server backup system

  • Insure that proper firewalls and routers are in place.

Data Restoration

Data restoration – our technicians will restore data that might be lost due to a failed device.


We support department and program websites as part of our standard service. For project or personal websites, we offer a variety of services, many of which are included as part of our standard service. For instance, websites built on our standard content management system and using standard UC Davis templates are part of the standard service. Websites requiring custom-programming, graphics design or significant infrastructure may not be part of the standard service. Please contact us to discuss your website needs.

Remote Support

We will give you remote support, which enables its technicians to hook up with any problematic computer online and take control of it.

Telephone Support
Threat Protection

Threat protection – These services provide protection against viruses, worms, malware and spyware

Application Training

Application training – we will also train clients staff members how to use specific programs or hardware.

We also offer over-the-phone support for problems which can be resolved by carrying out instructions from their technicians.

E-Mail Support

Email support – For simpler problems, our technicians can also give you instructions via email.

On-Site Support

Onsite support – For situations that need to be fixed manually or too difficult to diagnose remotely, our technicians will come over to clients premises.

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